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The Tigress Roars


The Moon on Fire


Hot Bananas


Indiana Barb and Love's Great Adventure


Devil or Angel


Top Cat


Blue Angel


Animal Instinct


Lipstick, Powder and Paint


Ebony eyes


Winter Wonderland


From a very young age, I was always influenced by music.  I am sure the melodies I heard as a child cemented the tastes I have now.  The biggest influence on me (and I am not alone) was Elvis Presley, and you will find many cover versions of his songs in this website.  I cannot list all the artists that I enjoy, because there are so many, but the biggest collections I have are from Dave Edmunds (can’t get the karaoke tracks for him, which is frustrating), Bryan Ferry, Tom Jones, Elton John and nearly all the music from the seventies!  In fact, in my teens, along with my cousins, numerous Northern working men’s’ clubs were privy to our performances!  Happy days!


 All these recordings were made in the ubiquitous ‘front room’ recording studio.  Acknowledgements go to my brother Eddy, who gave me a microphone (after he had borrowed one from me in the first place), which I used to make the first recordings on Garage Band on my iMac.  Simple, I know, but the recording results got better as I went along!


At first I used karaoke backing tracks from iTunes, and the borrowed microphone.  I called the ‘recording studio’ Dudley’s Den, in honour of our wonderful mascot Dudley, who you can see on the back of the CD covers, and also in the photograph section on my site.


I then bought a USB microphone which improved the recordings, and then I realised my sound was not clean because I was recording as if the vocals and music were live.  However, it was fun doing it and I have re-recorded some of the earlier songs and they sound better.  I also use Izotope Ozone 4 and I occasionally use Wave Pad for making my own karaoke tracks with varying results.


The other improvement was purchasing backing tracks from other web sites; the two I have used are music backing tracks, make my karaoke, latest bollywood karaoke and karaoke-version.  Check out these sites if you want backing tracks.  They are good quality and the downloads are instant! I would like to add a new discovery, and thank Charlie from Quality backing tracks. Some new songs for 2011, and he has managed to get me some obscure tracks, which I love! Go to quality backing tracks, and also mp3 backing tracks to see his selections.


I don’t pretend to be able to write music, but I believe in recreating the music from the past so that the next generations can hear them.  The most wonderful example of this is the song by Tony Christie, ‘Is this the way to Amarillo?’ which I obviously heard the first time round and loved it.  Thanks to the comedian Peter Kay, he brought this brilliant song to the attention of the younger generation, and this is a hit during our King’s College Hospital, Cytogenetics department karaoke nights.

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