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Ebony eyes

Ebony eyes was the inspired choice of my new album because of my flying training. I have to say I have always loved this song, even though it is about a plane crash (I am hoping not to copy that!) it is such a melodic song. I hope I have done it justice. Plenty of Elvis covers for my Mum on here. My Mum will like the version of 'Love me', and I love it too. I love the version of 'When' I have recorded, This brings back memories of University, and our rowdy class driving down to Kingsbridge for a field trip, singing this song at the top of our voices with the window down in the car! What a life! The last track is called 'I'll be back' and of course I will!.


To play the tracks, use the virtual CD player on the right hand side of the track list. The tracks appear as they do on the CD (below left), but in the virtual player they are in alphabetical order. Just select the one you want to hear and use the buttons as you would for a normal CD player! For those of you using an iPhone, or other devices which does not support Flash, click the track names one by one to listen to the songs (as requested by my brother Eddy!).



Track listing:


Ebony eyes

Shoppin' around


Stuck on you

You do something to me

Wear my ring around your neck

What do you want to make those eyes at me for

Got a lot of living' to do

Stuck in the middle with you

Love me

The best

Didja' ever

Lean on me

I'll be back


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