Here is a selection of some of my books. Some are works of fiction and some are books that deal with my Cytogenetic career.

spitfire flight thumbnailfor the love of the tiger thumbnailTo trust the tiger thumbnail cover Eelektrik Fox thumbnail cover Analyzing chromosomes thumbnail cover Human cytogenetics essential data thumbnail cover Human Cytogenetics Essential techniques thumbnail coverHuman Chromosoes Edition 1 thumbnail Human Cytogenetics Constitutional Edition 2 thumbnail Human Cytogenetics Malignancy Edition 2 thumbnail Human Cytogenetics Constiotutional Edition 3 thumb Human Cytogenetics Malignancy Edition 3 thumb
Click on each of the images above to go to a larger image of the cover and more details about each book. Obviously they would not be to everyones taste, but check out the fiction, 'To Trust the Tiger' and 'Elektrik Fox'!