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Animal Instinct

I have always wanted to record certain songs and Animal instinct is one of them!  Yes, I know another Elvis number, but this title track starts the flow to some great songs!  Most of the harmonies I have done myself, so obviously I could not perform some of these live, I would need help!  Open your ears to I wonder why and Heavenly.  Splendidly harmonious , even if I must say so myself!  Not forgetting one particular track, a cover of Dave Edmund’s ‘Crawling from the wreckage’, probably one of my favourite songs of all time.

To play the tracks, use the virtual CD player on the right hand side of the track list. The tracks appear as they do on the CD (below left), but in the virtual player they are in alphabetical order. Just select the one you want to hear and use the buttons as you would for a normal CD player! For those of you using an iPhone, or other devices which does not support Flash, click the track names one by one to listen to the songs (as requested by my brother Eddy!).

Track listing:

Animal instinct - The VIDEO
Heavenly - The VIDEO
Fame and Fortune
Aahun aahun
Blue Hawaii
The bitch is back
Please don’t stop loving me
Stone in love with you
You got what it takes
Crawling from the wreckage
I wonder why
As long as I have you
Livin’ la vida loca

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