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The Tigress Roars

This was my very first batch of recorded songs.  I know I must have driven my brother Eddy mad as I plagued him with the trials and tribulations I encountered when I fiddled with the software, making things up as I went along!  They are some of my favourite songs, but also the ones I could get tracks for, prior to discovering the other sites for backing tracks.  The Hindi songs I have included may not be to everyone’s taste, but it was a challenge doing these, and of course my bond with India is so strong that I enjoy their music too!  Some of their Bollywood movie tracks are absolutely beautiful.

To play the tracks, use the virtual CD player on the right hand side of the track list. The tracks appear as they do on the CD (below left), but in the virtual player they are in alphabetical order. Just select the one you want to hear and use the buttons as you would for a normal CD player! For those of you using an iPhone, or other devices which does not support Flash, click the track names one by one to listen to the songs (as requested by my brother Eddy!).

Track listing:

Sealed with a kiss
Unchained melody
There’ll never be anyone else but you
Kuchh kam
Love letters
Tum se hi
I need your love tonight
Mack the knife
Swing down sweet chariot
Main agar kahoon
A fool such as I
King of the road
Too much
Teen angel
Is this the way to Amarillo
Bhool bhulaiya

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