Blue Blueback

Blue Angel

This is a tribute to my beautiful Hyundai coupe (check out Hyundai more beautiful cars! OK Mr Snowball, I want commission!)  Also I was so happy because it is from this CD that I discovered music backing tracks.  And guess what?  They had a version of ‘Hot Diggity’, which is one of my Mum’s favourite songs!  So I recorded it on Mother’s Day for her, and was delighted to hand over the completed CD to her!  We had great fun playing it in her car (not a Hyundai, sadly, but a Nissan).  Other highlights include ‘The wanderer’ with a tribute to Professor Ghulam Mufti, supreme leader of the Haematological oncology department at King’s College Hospital. in the words (name changing in songs is artistic licence, I think!).

To play the tracks, use the virtual CD player on the right hand side of the track list. The tracks appear as they do on the CD (below left), but in the virtual player they are in alphabetical order. Just select the one you want to hear and use the buttons as you would for a normal CD player! For those of you using an iPhone, or other devices which does not support Flash, click the track names one by one to listen to the songs (as requested by my brother Eddy!).

Track listing:

Blue angel - The VIDEO!
Mann ka radio
Dance the night away
The wanderer
I only want to be with you
Follow that dream
Mambo No 5
Hot diggity
Tera hone laga hoon
My baby just cares for me
Wonderful time up there

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