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Hot Bananas

The title of this is based on the backing singers on the Elvis number Teddy bear.  The photograph on the cover of the CD is of myself and the boys and girls from Guy’s Hospital during their Christmas review.  We decided that the backing singers sounded like they were singing, “Hot bananas”.  Hence, the CD gained this name!  The tracks are strongly influenced by Elvis Presley, as one can see.  Two tracks 'Television' and 'Let it be me' are tributes to Dave Edmunds versions of these songs.

To play the tracks, use the virtual CD player on the right hand side of the track list. The tracks appear as they do on the CD (below left), but in the virtual player they are in alphabetical order. Just select the one you want to hear and use the buttons as you would for a normal CD player! For those of you using an iPhone, or other devices which does not support Flash, click the track names one by one to listen to the songs (as requested by my brother Eddy!).

Track listing:

Let it be me
Anyway you want me
Walk of life
I was the one
Kiss me quick
No more
Puppet on a string
Beauty school drop out
Such a night
I (who have nothing)
(Let me be) your teddy bear

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