Chipmunk Coversion course, Chichester/ Goodwood, 13th to 15th July 2015. Some photos from the course I did for a tail wheel conversion. Soooooooo close to going solo but lost a full day because of bad weather. I will be back to finish it in September!

Chipmunk planeChipmunk plane 1Chipmunk plane 2Chipmunk plane 3Chipmunk plane 4Chipmunk plane 5Chipmunk plane 7Chipmunk plane 8Chipmunk plane 9Chipmunk plane 10Chipmunk plane 11Chipmunk13

Introductory Spitfire Course, Chichester Goodwood, 19th and 20th August 2014. Enjoy these beautiful photographs of the Spitfire Course I completed in August!
Spitfire course pictureSpitfire course picture2Spitfire course picture3Spitfire course picture4Spitfire course picture 5Spitfire course picture 6Spitfire course picture 7Spitfire coursepic 8Spitfire course pic9Spitfire course pic10Spitfire course pic11Spitfire course pic12Spitfire course pic13
Cranfield - 2nd November 2013. Windy day with angry clouds, but I was lucky enough to have my own personal photographer, John Stiles, who kindly took these photos of me with my aeroplane G-BNMB. The last three photos were ones I took with my iPhone!
me and G-BNMB me taxiing back with G-BNMB me in the cockpit of G-BNMB another cockpit picture with G-BNMB me outside the door of G-BNMB me by the side of G-BNMB me with that angry sky and G-BNMB nice picture the sky was not so angry with G-BNMB G-BNMB iphone pic G-BNMB iPhone pic1 G-BNBMBiphone pic2
Kemble- 31st August 2013 - This was a birthday flight to Kemble, where we fortuitously met up with David Gearing again. The ones I am in shot were taken again by David.
BTNT parked at Kemble side view stylish picture of btnt at Kemble Mick and me at KEmble By the plane ready to take off climbing into btnt to set off contact ATC radio set control set bye bye Kemble we will be back
This set of photographs are beautiful airborne ones taken by David Gearing when we flew into Kemble. Everyone at Kemble aerodrome was extremely friendly and I would recommend any pilot to visit there as not only was it a joy to arrive but they have a great cafe called AV8! We also met with Jayne, the daughter of our fuel man at Cranfield, Nigel Fenn.

Me and Mick with G-AVWU at Kemble Me and Mick again close up with AVWU G-AVWU taking off G-AVWU airborne G-AVWU retracting undercarriage

Here are some more photographs of aeroplanes that I have flown. Some have been taken by me and others from the registration information. The first ones are of the wonderful Azure fleet.
GBTNT azure planegbtntazure picture 2 gbtnt azure pic 3 gbtnt azure pic 4 gobio azure in formation me and Dynamite at Duxford me and mack the blac mack the blac's tail Mack the blac and rainbow G-BOFL in the air G-BMVB on the ground G-BYUIIK2 G-BUIK3 G-BUIK4 G-BUIK5 G-BUIK back view G-BUIK in flight G-BRUX G-BRUX2 G-BRUX3 G-BRUX twin engine side view G-Brux front view G-RIZZ G-AVWU side view G-BPAF side view G-BPAF in flight ecgclenx
Here are the photos from our great trip to Gamston where we flew in the beautiful Night Rider G-BPAF! My brother Eddy took the great photographs on this glorious sunny day.
me Mick and Mum at gamston G-BPAF parked at gamston Me on G-BPAF wing me in the cockpit of G-BPAF great view from t=he wing of G-BPAF into the cockpit close up of cockpit from port wing G-BPAF me about to take off in G-BPAF
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