tiger in bandhavgarh tiger in Bandhavgarh 2 tiger male juvenile top juvenile male tiger tiger hiding tiger stalking eye of the tigertiger waiting tiger moving

The above images are all from Bandhavgarh National Park, India in 2006. The photographs were taken by my good friend Lalit Bisht while I was busy capturing the events on video!
tiger in grass tiger stalking prey male tiger restingtiger sleeping tiger disturbed tiger back to resttiger stretching buried nose tiger still alert tigersee my tongue tiger thirsty tiger shall i move tigertiger getting up tiger yawning back of the tiger
These pictures above were all taken at Kanha National Park India, in 2007, again by Lalit, and the ones of the male tiger sleeping on the rocks were taken when we are astride an elephant! It proved hard to video this scene, but it came out very well. Below are three pictures from Kanha National park of a tigress stalking prey. The rest are from Ranthambhore, of the tigress T17 leaving a muddy pool to go back to her own special hiding place the fort!
Kanha tigress in grass Kanha tigress walking towards us Kanha tigress in grass 2 T17 coming out of muddy pool T17 walking away from pool T17 walking towards jeep T17 striging out majestically T 17 tigress moving away from jeerp T17 tigress thinking about where to go next T17 tigress deciding to go back to her fort T17 tigress taking a rest and yawning T17 tigress looking at us nonchalantly T17 tigress licking her paws T17 tigress thinkking of her next move T17 tigress giving a huge yawn T17 tigress bemused by our pesence T17 tigress licking her fur T17 tigress looking very majestic T17 tigress moving off and giving a huge cat stretch T17 tigress close to jeep looking sleepy T17 tigress looking round at us T17 tigress on way back to her concealed fort
Ranthambhore 2010. I have included the pictures from our tour in 2010, where we were fortunate enought o see Machli and her daughter T17. Below are the great photos we managed to take from those encounters.
T17 tigress on road T17 tigress walking T17 tigress backview T17 tigress back view 2T17 tigress walking towards us T17 tigress walking away T17 tigress sniffing airClose up of T17 tigressT17 tigress near jeep T17 tigress thinking about our jeepT17 face of tigressT17 tigress very close to jeepT17 tigress side viewT17 tigress walking nonchalantly T17 tigress close up to jeepT17 tigress showing collarT17 tigress great ffront viewT17 tigress following jeep with eyes shut T17 tigress side view perfect T17 tigress walking forward to usT17 tigress side view headT17 tigress with jeep in backgroundT17 tigress on way side view T17 tigress in grass
T16 tigress in water T16 tigress cooling in water T16 tigress resting in water T16 tigress in water yawning T16 tigress big yawn T16 tigress thinking about getting up T16 tigress drinking water T16 tigress just getting up out of water T16 tigress getting out of waterT16 tigress on rocks T16 tigress close up side view T16 tigress worried by jeeps
The tiger offerings from the Big Cat Breakfast at Woburn, May 2011 are here for your delight below! Click on any picture with a purple border for a larger image.
tigress walking across road tigress carrying food tigress eating standing up tigress eats close up of tigress eating tigress front view eating watch the tiger's eyes tigress enjoying food tigress side view eating foodtigress feeding tigress feeding tigress feeding sideways ontigress using her teeth tigress disturbed from her food tigress feeding again tigress tearing meat tigress chewing meat tigress tearing meat tigress alert tigress eating meat tigress startled tigress yawning eye of the tiger close up of tigress jaws face study of tigress tigress tearing meat tigress pausing from food tigress view from right tigress view right with food tigress showing claws tigress with claws and meat tigress feeding tigress chewing side on tigress chewing meat tigress teeth tigress eyes up meat tigress showing her eyes tigress resting from food tigress showing canines tigress lifting meat by teeth tigress taking a break back to chewing meat tigress tigress showing back legs akimbo second Woburn tigress close up of aggressive tigress tigress feeding tigress on the move tigress walking tigress standing to eat close up of tigress chewing meat tigress lying down to enjoy food tigress showing aggression tigress alert tigress showing claws close up of claws and face of tigress tigress showing canines tigress side view tigress eyeing us up tigress close up chewing meat tigress standing aggressively tigress lying resting tigress flehmen response tigress farewell
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