November 2012 Tour of India

Check out the great video footage of Bhamera, the dominant tiger in the Tala range at bandhavgarh, India. I will be putting some of the still pictures which were taken from the video footage on here presently. For now, enjoy the new video of Bhamera, to see the footage click here! Also from the past, in 2010, I have put together a video of T17 (Sundari) of Ranthambhore. To see this video, click here. Please note that because of the soundtrack the video of T17 can only be viewed on a computer and not on a mobile. I have just recently made a long video of T17 from 2009, which is about 20 minutes long. Worth staying with because of the lovely views of T17 looking very relaxed. To see the video click here.

For those of you who want a good laugh, here is an excellent video of Mick and Lalit messing about on Goa beach which caused great hilarity. Click here for laughs!

Below are some photographs of the tiger Bhamera from Bandhavgarh. Click on any picture with a purple border to see a larger image.

Bhamera from Bandhabgarh bhamera tiger bhameras spraybhamera back bhamera side bhamera side 2 bhamera side3 bhameraside4link bhamera side5link bhamera side6 bhamera side7 bhamera side8bhameraside9 bhameraside10lionk bhameraside11 bhameraside12 bhameraside12 bhameraside13