Welcome to the wonderful world of elephants in their natural habitat

Most of the photographs here were taken in Sri Lanka, in Udewala National Park, and in the elephant orphanage in Pinewalla.  We also have some photographs of the elephants we rode when we travelled in the jungle to find the tigers.  I have included this as a special section because they are such fascinating creatures, and also Mick is very fond of the elephants, in the same way I have a love of tigers.

Elephant with curles trunk Same elephant turning to jeep Large mnale elephant moving swiftly Male elephant standing Elephant trumpeting Elephasnt family crossing road elephants in udewala parkelephant walking on road towards usmother and baby elephant in grassLarge tusker in Pinewalla Lalit and Mick with our elephant Lalit and me with our elephantme and big tusker in pinewalla me mick and big tusker in pinewalla the big tusker! baby elephant in pinewalla baby elephant being fed with milk in pinewalla baby elephant still drinking milk in pinewalla baby elephant interested in spectators in pinewalla more feeding of elephants in pinewalla elephant going to water in pinewalla elephant eagerly going to water in pinewalla elephants reach water in pinewallaPinewalla elephant orphanage elephants drinking in water in pinewalla baby elephant enjoying water large elephant being led to water large tusker going to male watering placeme at waterside watching male elephants in watermahout with elephant me bending down to bathe elephant in waterme rubbing elephants head with water and coconut shellme getting up laughing at experience of washing elephantlarge male entering water in pinewallaMe washing an elephant Mick with tusker