Welcome to Dudley's World! Here is our mascot at play around the globe!

Dudley was 'born' on the 1st of January 1990.  He came from Dudley.  Mick brought him home in a plastic bag after training for Savacentre.  I fell in love with him immediately and so he came everywhere with us, and was party to all our adventures.  He even attended the 1990 football world cup in Italy.  He was there at the famous semi-final between England and Germany.  Since then, he has been on all our trips abroad, and been to many cricket grounds.  He even has his own passport.  When we first travelled to India in 2006, he caused a bit of a stir amongst the Gullivers travel group, and he also had a terrible experience at the Taj Mahal, when they would not allow him in, so he ended up in the Taj Mahal jail.  I had to try and rescue him along with our guide Anand, who entrusted a street urchin with him to take him to our coach waiting on the other side of the Taj Mahal grounds.  I thought I had lost him forever, and I was so upset.  But the young boy brought him round dutifully to me.  I wanted to give him all my money, but Anand told me to go easy as he might be beaten up on the street if others saw what money he had earned.  Anyway, all was well in the end.  However, Dudley never wants to go back to the Taj Mahal!  He is quite happy travelling on the planes and trains and automobiles that ferry us around India, he does not like sightseeing so much anymore!  Dudley even resides as a logo on our Cytogenetics reports at work, holding a chromosome in each paw.  You may wonder what he is, but I always say he is not of this earth, he is his own unique character, and I would not be without him.

Dudley in tea factory Dudley seated on bed Dudley in Club world Dudley in Columbo Dudley in Mumbai Dudley on fancy sheets Dudley at Raffles Hotel Dudley in bar Dudley on board plane dudley on sun bed in Varca beach dudley playing in tree in Varca beachdudley still playing in the tree at Varca beach dudley on stage in the jubilee hall Raffles hotelme and dudley on stage at raffles hotelme and dudley performing drama on stage at Raffles hoteldudley in dudhsagar dudley in dudhsagar resort Dudley with charm

Dudley on Cytogenetics FISH logo