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I beg of you
I can do it
I can help
I don't care if the sun don't shine
I don't want to
If I said you had a beautiful body
If you could read my mind
(If you're looking for) trouble
I got lucky
I got stung
I gotta know
I hear you knockin'
I hear you knockin' (live)
I knew the bride
I knew the bride (live)
I'll be back
I love you because
I'm a tiger
I'm coming home
I'm falling in love tonight
I'm gonna walk dem golden stairs
I'm left, you're right
I'm still standing
I need your love tonight
Island in the sun
Island of dreams
Is this the way to Amarillo
It doesn't matter anymore
It must be love
It's late
It's now or never
I only want to be with you
I want to be free
I want you, I need you, I love you
I was born with a smile on my face
I was the one
I (who have nothing)
I wonder why

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